what others say

Shyam Krishnan is the most exciting
import from Kerala, even more than Sreesanth.
It is a delight to work with him.

Atul Kasbekar
Shyam lives up to the first three letters
of his name and is one of the most reticent
people I have come across. He speaks only
when spoken to, or when he has something
to say. He cuts straight to the chase and stops
when he's finished. Much like him, his work is
marked by precision and a quiet elegance.
In a loud, cluttered, chaotic world and media
environment, silence is a virtue. ("At 60 miles
per hour, the only sound you can hear in this
brand new Rolls Royce is the sound of the
electric clock." Remember that one? My
point exactly.) Shyam loves a glass of charcoal-
mellowed, smooth sippin' Tennessee whiskey
with a bowl of banana chips golden-fried in
Kerala coconut oil. Since we are what we eat
(and, well, drink), Shyam combines his local
roots with a global sensibility that befits
designers in Thomas Friedman's flat world.

Vivek Kamath
Director, Matrix Entertainment
I see a sense of rebellion in his works.
He has great courage to break out of the rule book
and experiment with everything around him.

G V Sreekumar
Associate Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay
Shyam’s understanding of graphic design and
colour sensibilities are truly world class.